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Something is missing!

Some of you may have noticed in recent days (if you've been looking at our online shop) that a few of our roasts are not there anymore! Well, the hard truth of it is that we had to take them off the shelf temporarily. We are a small family owned and operated roaster. Funds and space are at a premium and our focus is to bring in the best coffee possible to give our customers the best coffee -bang for the buck- experience we can. This means that we only bring in the best green coffee that we can, and stock as much as we can use for the time/space we have. In that vein, coffee is seasonal (just like any other crop) and therefore the coffee supply is limited and seasonal. We have neither the space nor the funds to "stock" enough green product to last from season to season so, we focus our purchasing based on what is in season and stock according to our sales and space. Unfortunately, this means that from time to time (till we are able to stock larger quantities) we will go through supplies and some may not be restock-able till our suppliers have their new crops in the warehouses. I know most of the coffee world wouldn't even think of relating this to their customers but, we want our customers to have the same connection to the coffee and the coffee farmers that we do. No, we don't go gallivanting around the world in search for the perfect coffee bean! The suppliers and importers do an amazing job of that already. No, we strive to inform ourselves and research all aspects of every coffee (and the farmers that grow them) we roast so that in turn we know that every batch is consistent and delicious. This being said, when a coffee runs low (or out) we can't just find the next best thing! We are patient and wait till those amazing farmers, millers, processors and importer/distributors bring us that fresh crop of beans! It's a wonderful thing! But, even after all of that we (Noggin Bonkin) still have to sample, re-blend and re-sample to make sure we have what we had, that you had to have! ;-) But, don’t let the fact that the one coffee you were going to order isn’t there keep you from trying one of the many other delicious roasts that we do have! Because we have many great coffees on hand now! Also, keep in mind that we are always developing new seasonal roasts and are currently working on a new one for the winter season!

We hope knowing this you'll rest easy and breathe a sigh of relief that your favorite blend will be back and better than ever!

Noggin Bonkin coffee roasters
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