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Amazing Exploding Bag-O-Beans!

Have you ever wondered what that little hole in the coffee bag is for? Well, that "one way valve" allows the CO2 that the coffee is releasing to escape but keeps the outside air from getting in, thereby keeping your coffee fresher for longer. But this begs the question, why don't cans, pouches, cups and other mass packaged coffees have them? I'm glad you asked! If our coffee bags didn't have those little valves the bag would fill up with CO2 until the bag would literally explode! Beans everywhere! You see, only fresh roasted coffee will "off gas" enough to blow up a sealed bag! So, the answer to the question is... the coffee inside those unvented bags, cans, cups and pouches is already stale! When coffee is mass marketed and mass roasted the industry must find ways to keep it more "shelf" stable and still "palatable". So, coffee after it is roasted is allowed to off gas in a nitrogen rich environment until most of those pesky flavor filled gasses are gone. Then it is packed in the varied containers and nitrogen is added again for good measure. I was once asked if I would ever offer our coffee in the cup packaging and I said no. Coffee is best when fresh roasted. Nothing else can compare with it. And while there's a level of convenience that comes with those brew methods it robs you of the experience you get with truly fresh roasted coffee. We seek to produce the best fresh roast experience for our customers. Enough said!


Noggin Bonkin coffee roasters
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