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Noggin Bonkin Coffee, a passion for fresh coffee!

Ever buy a can of coffee, open it and think how wonderful it smells, then the next day when you open it there's almost no aroma? Well, that is what drove me to finding the freshest coffee I could. I found that some craft coffees were quite nice but still, even with whole bean coffee the pleasure was short lived. Even those yummy craft coffees on the shelf could be days or even a week or more old before you buy them. I started roasting my own coffee and found that nothing beats fresh roasted coffee, from the roaster to the grinder, to the brewer... Mmm. My "O.C.D" self started researching coffees from all over the world, trying them out and enjoying every second of it. Then I started researching the business aspects of coffee roasting and all the pitfalls and possibilities. My wife and I talked almost non-stop about it until she started getting into the idea of roasting coffee (she also was enjoying the fresh roasted coffee that I was roasting and brewing daily). And Noggin Bonkin Coffee was born!

Noggin Bonkin coffee roasters
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