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Roasted to order=Freshest Coffee!

Noggin Bonkin Coffee is a roast to order, micro coffee roaster. We focus on quality and service in an ever changing coffee environment. We aim to produce the best and freshest coffee we can to as broad of a market as we can. If you are tired of stale coffee in a can that no one knows how old it is, then we're the roaster for you! Our coffee is high quality, roasted to perfection coffee that we strive to keep as affordable as possible. We have offerings for the "everyday average Joe" and the more refined coffee palate alike. We even have the roast date on the bag so you'll know exactly how fresh it is! If you are interested in trying truly fresh coffee then you're at the right place!

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Fresh Smesh!

What's all the "Gas" with being fresh?

From the moment coffee comes out of the cooling tray it begins to go stale robbing us of that beautiful aroma and taste. Green coffee is fairly shelf stable and can last for years in the right conditions however, it's a whole other story on the other side of the roaster. As the beans roast they expand even on the cellular level. CO2 forms, releases, and is trapped in micro pockets in the bean. This "gas" is where most of the flavor and aroma are and it is highly volatile and it releases quickly. This "off gassing" is natural and can be slowed but not stopped. If coffee is packaged quickly after roasting the off gassing is slowed and the coffee will last at least 2 weeks before it loses its flavor. Once the bag is opened the beans will quickly start to go stale (3 days for whole bean, 24 hours for ground). Keeping the beans in a cool, dark and dry place will slow this process but the inevitable is... well inevitable - stale beans! Fresh, roasted to order in small batches ensures great tasting coffee cup after cup!


"But I thought you had to let the coffee sit for several days?"


-This may be true for gas fired drum roasters, however, we use a fluid bed air (convection) roaster.


"So, why is this such a big deal?" 

Well, anytime you burn a fuel such a LP or NG there are byproducts from that fuel, namely hydrogen-sulfide (smells like rotten eggs) and those residues are deposited on the coffee leaving somewhat of an off smell and taste. Letting the beans sit for a few days allows them to air out and "off gas" those bad or unwanted elements. Air roasting doesn't impart any byproducts because there are no fuels being burned and therefore the coffee is ready to drink after roasting and it is healthier to boot!  


All that and more!

We not only sell to you online, we also strive to offer the best wholesale coffee we can. If you are in the Spokane/CdA area we can supply your business. So if you are an espresso stand owner, cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, food stand, caterer, corner store, grocery store, church, an employer providing for your employees and staff... basically, if you sell or serve coffee we can supply you with incredibly fresh coffee for your customers and employees! Call us for pricing and ask about our samples. We can also ship wholesale outside the Spokane area with added shipping. We also offer coffee subscriptions so you can always know you'll have fresh roasted coffee on hand at all times without ever having to go to the store!

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