Alas we ran out of our Costa Rica - Black Honey process but, have acquired a small supply of a vary delightful honey process from the same suppliers. This is a beautiful roast exhibiting a fruit forward profile. First sip is slightly tangy, developing into a juicy and smooth mouth feel. Quick development and finish with no harsh after taste. Slightly sweet with notes of cane sugar, ripe green apples, nougat and subtle citrus fruit!

This would make an amazing espresso shot with the standard ratios and pressures (18g pulled to 36g over 28 - 32 sec at 9 bars) though you'll need to dial in to your own tastes and machine(s).

Costa Rica - Golden Honey

  • Honey "is not" used in the process! It is the name of the process used to produce the green coffee before roasting.


Medical Lake, Wa, 99022

Moving SALE!
$8/lb. 10 lb. minimum 
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